The Charms of Tashiro Annex

Spend a relaxing time in a space overlooking a natural heritage

Miyanoura River is so clear that fishes in it are
visible. With a clear and beautiful water, you will not
be bored watching it.

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Outdoor Activities

The pathway that leads to Miyanoura Port from "Shiratani Unsui Gorge"
through Tashiro Annex has been chosen as one of "500 beautiful roads in
Japan for walking", and is used as the course for "Yakushima Tour de
Marche" every year.

Trekking and Cycling ... ♪
Enjoy various outdoor activities in Yakushima, the enchanted island!
Let's play as much as you like, with Tashiro Annex as your base!!

A lodging that serves meals using fresh seafood A lodging that serves meals using fresh seafood

Satsuma age (deep-fried fish cake)
made of flying fish, a specialty of
Enjoy famous Yakushima’s shochu!
Shochu made from super soft water
is smooth to the palate.
In addition, we also offer other foods
based on local cooking styles.

Supporting climbing and trekking in Yakushima more Mountain Climbing Lunch Box

We have ample support for guests who
wish to engage in activities,
such as "mountain climbing lunch box"
and "mountain climbing goods rental".

Access more

Tashiro Annex is easy to reach even
without a car.
It is conveniently located near Miyanoura
Port and Yakushima Airport! Please use
our hotel as a base for sightseeing in

Outdoor Activities
Cycling & Walking Mountain climbing & trekking in Yakushima Marine Leisure Model Course
Actually, the pathway that leads to Miyanoura Port from "Shiratani
Yakushima is known for its island mountains. Enjoy trekking to the
Yakushima is also known as an island surrounded by beautiful
You may think that it is better to rent a car in Yakushima because
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